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Our Services

Event catering for private or corporate affairs from 25 or more:

Contractors Luncheons

Office Parties/Meetings

Weddings, Repass, Reunions

Picnics, Open House, Holiday Celebrations, and more…


Personal Chef Services:

Together, we will plan your menu and take it from there. We'll do the shopping, preparation, and

deliver…Souly 4 You…6 meals per package at $185.00 plus the cost of groceries


Fresh and Frozen Entrees and Side Dishes Available:

Lasagna; beef, turkey, chicken, and spinach

Ribs, Smothered Pork Chops, Lamb, Meatloaf,

Mac and cheese, yams, green beans,

Greens, Cabbage, Black eyed peas and more…

Popup Taste Fest

Soul On The Roll:

On a routine basis we will take our “Soul On The Roll” and announce a “Popup Taste Fest"

 where we “set the shop up...throw the top you can stop up”… and try a free sample of some of our delicious entrees and sides… which will be available for purchase….”Souly 4 You”

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