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“My husband and I are somewhat homebound Seniors, the personalized delivery service provided with a smile, was much appreciated. The price was great and the food was beyond delicious, a cross between home cooked and 5 star restaurant. Can’t wait for our next order….Chef Mike put his foot in it.”  


-   Marion and Edward Thomas



“The Vegetarian Lasagna was divine! If I can recall it from over a year ago…That means it was Great!” 


                                         -   Laura Lynn


“Everyone gave rave reviews, especially your Customer Service, we all voted for you to come back.” 


                              -   Public Service Union Staff


“Your Food was REALLY good and the Customer Service is phenomenal.”


-   Diane Chapman-Health and Nutrition Institute


“Maaaan, that was the first time I ate Ribs without my teeth"…."straight out the frigerator!”


-   Satisfied SFY Customer


“The Lasagna was very good! I shared it with my work family. Everyone enjoyed it.” Thanks again


-   Personal Chef Client


“THAT PEACH COBBLER!, reminds me of my grandmother’s. One of the best Peach Cobblers I’ve ever had. I absolutely recommend it”

-   Lisa Jackson

I was awakended in the middle of the night. The peach cobbler was calling me from the fridge, "C'mon Girl finish me off"....& I DID!!! I was like Pookie in New Jack City!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             -   Valencia Frank..."The Nut Lady"

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